Industrial equipments & tools for laboratory

Complete assembly of tools and equipment for laboratories. Starting from the beginning... from a support, a desk or small tools, to a melting point meter, reactor or industrial agitators. We have many possibilities that encompass all our work and make that our company is characterized by the quality of the flexibility in this area.

Instalación maquinaria laboratorio

Our company born with a professional team that comes from different industrial fields like minery, food sector or chemical industry. Over the years, we have achieved a great experience related to design and manufacturing of furniture for laboratories, using materials and manufacture processes according to the specific use of them. For this reason maintenance, design and machining works of elements for all type of laboratories in all industrial branch, is consolidated as one of our more representative points.

Instalación gas

Among our products we include agitation systems, designed according to your specific cut needs, ATEX requirements, rotation speed, etc.
We have manufactured high efficiency systems for emulsions and dispersions to work in test laboratories and we work all tools and equipment for this industry branch.

Utillaje laboratorio

From the moment which MASINOX was opened, we have not stopped looking for technical solutions to everyday problems that are happening every day in laboratories throughout the Spanish territory. We design specific machinery to cover the main production needs and the research and development requirements of our clients.

Instalación química

We have manufactured all type of machines like melting point machines, autoclave hidrolysis meter, mixers, laboratory reactors, agitation shafts for differents kind of tests, test reactors…

Medidor hidrólisisMedidor punto fusión

In MASINOX we continue and will continue promoting the utilization of new technologies fo all the industrial fields, obtaining thereby, an “added value” really important for your business. We found solutions for your industrial problems, we are the solution for your industrial problems.

Garantizamos el mejor precio en todos nuestros servicios de mantenimiento industrial, somos fabricantes de máquinas industriales a medida y según las necesidades de su empresa.

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