New English Website!

Little by little we are adding new sections to our website, this week has been opened in universal language, English. All our sections have been completely restructured to promote international part of our business.
For those who have not linked directly to our website for access to this content via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +, let's explain a bit what we can find in it and some of the sections that have been retouched to our website in English begins its life in the network.
Go to and discover how it is being us. Little by little we will be adding new content and updating every day our weblog MASINOX.
These are the countries that use English as official language, although there are many more than those who received visits.

Speek English Country
Web page we can find several tabs about some of the most important branches that we are dedicated.

Machining: where you can access to information related to the manufacture, maintenance, repair or replacement of part and other services. In each subsection we found small text and photographs with relevant information about this field.

Live steam: in this new section we tour through a characteristic aspect of the company, the live steam locomotive manufacturing and customizing. In this tab we can investigate the subsection of custom design, restoration of models and accessories, customization or the newly incorporated “Works”, where we expose some of the railroads repaired, manufactured or customized in our workshop.

Hydraulic: where we present our range of hoses and pressure hoses with a large stock of materials and fitting connections. In addition to the repair, maintenance or manufacture of hydraulic machinery.

We are very happy with how it advances our online presence with a view to translating the site into other languages to make MASINOX a really affordable business. We are delighted to contact you in order to carry out their projects related to machining, automation, industrial engineering, hydraulics, live steam, industrial maintenance, etc.
Thank you very much and we hope to feel at home surfing our new English website!

Garantizamos el mejor precio en todos nuestros servicios de mantenimiento industrial, somos fabricantes de máquinas industriales a medida y según las necesidades de su empresa.

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