Acerca de MasInox Mantenimiento Industrial

MAX INOX industrial maintenance is located in the municipality of Cehegín, It stems from the need to give service, around the northwest of Murcia, to the companies which are located in this zone, although our clients work internationally. With twenty seven years of personal experience and seven as MASINOX, we continually offer improvements, continuous staff training and technology to our clients.

Some of the main fields where MAS INOX has or has been presence:

Precision machining of singular pieces as well as long runs (industrial machines, live steam railways, customizing parts for engines or vehicles, repair or replacing parts)

Chemical industry (Chemical products manufacturers of textile industry, wood additives, phytosanitary industry or solid mixings).

Food industry (preserved food factories, juices and concentrates as well as restaurants, caterings, hotel industry, dairy products, fish market, butcheries, bakeries…).

Mining industry (quarries, stone factories, marble, granite, aged stone…).

Furniture for bars, restaurants, bakeries, fish markets (ovens, tables, heat and cold showcases, worktops, industrial kitchens, extraction systems).

Chemical laboratories: handling areas with anti-corrosive systems of extraction, gas systems, data collection for processes, heat/cold fluid dynamics, improvements and machines automation as well as repair or replacement of parts.

Decoration (showcases, railings, community doors, garage doors, gardens, spiral staircase, anti moon-landing for jewelry stores, etc. We work the both stainless steel and iron).

Analyzing and development, research projects. From simple pieces to computerized automations with data collections for optimization processes and quality controls.