MASINOX has a great variety of hydraulic products, from pressure hoses to hydraulic components for the industry. Hydraulic hoses are prepared to resist a lot of adverse effects. These hoses have an inside cover which is composed of several LAYERS what combine divers materials like rubber or woven wire.

We include in our product offer and services a wide range of own manufacturing hydraulic products of premium quality, for low, medium or high pressure. Moreover, MASINOX has a fitting connections service where you will find all the connections and annexes elements for your hydraulic systems. We work the both spare parts and sets.

We help you perform the final product, this choice depends on several factors like pressure, temperature, compatibility with products, filtrations through the hoses, sizes, environmental conditions, etc. In MASINOX we suggest you in a technical and reliable way, about what hose you must use according to your needs. A system oversized or undersized could degrade the products until a breaking and loose of fluids happen.

Additionally, we offer in our mechanical workshop repair, maintenance and/or replacement service of all type of pressure groups or hydraulic machinery. The breaking or wear of hydraulic components could produce big damages in a short or medium term, including personal injuries.

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    Manufacture of hydraulic hoses


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    Hydraulic accessories


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