Industrial Engineering

MAX INOX industrial maintenance has skilled staff members with knowledge and expertise in industrial projects, from energetic or industrial production process and lines, to design all sorts of machinery, equipment, prototypes and their annexes elements.

We perform development of process automation, we replace works traditionally handmade by others that work automatically, improving costs, services and process quality. Personalized studies, real-case analyses, flexibility, accessibility and collaboration where prime production increase and energy savings, ever on the base of safety for workers.

Project design
and 3D simulation CAD/CAM (New projects or currently in operation).
Budgets, measures, calculation and 3D/2D sketches providing a mark-up to our clients and their projects.

Our technology offer is based ON the analysis of needs and conditions of our clients, adding a personalized research with which look for the best solution to your requirements.

CE mark
regulated for the different European Directives in force, where we offer the redaction of the relevant reports and dossiers in base of the knowledge in machinery, industry, use or specific danger analysis and security measures. We take into account all the guidelines and directives that your company must follow, inform the users and competent authorities about the obligatory legislation which you equipment are provided.

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    Industrial Engineering

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