Live Steam

The new manufacturing of live steam railroads with the brand MAS INOX is developed with the mission to meet the current needs of the models market of scale railroads, in a customized way. In our company, we not only manufacture, repair or maintain railways, actually, we create, with an expert team in this field, exclusive scale models, entirely customized and adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients whether patternmakers, collectors or businessmen.

We have machinery and manpower for manufacturing of live steam railways in every scale of the patternmaker market, with all sorts of surface finishes and adapting premium quality materials to the whole of our own manufacturing parts.

Furthermore, in our machining section, we provide our customers direct solutions to their problems, with effective and exclusive results and adapted to every pocket.
In MAS INOX we compete with some mass production companies and we offer our customers exclusiveness, innovation and originality in all products.

We manufacture unique parts or long runs, we repair and improve your old parts or manufacture new parts by request or from client drawings.
At last, we also manufacture and repair all sorts of accessories for the railroad model world, like lanterns, train tracks, signals, environments, complete circuits, bridges

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    Custom design

    Live Steam

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    Live Steam

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    Live Steam

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    Live Steam

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    Performed works

    Live Steam

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