MAS INOX industrial maintenance hinges on precision machining of singular pieces as well as long runs with CNC.
We have great experience in all type of industrial machining, as well as in the manufacturing of singular customized parts. Our company has machinery, technology and qualified staff members to perform and carry out our works through turning, milling, CNC milling, sanding, polishing, bending, slotting machine, shaping

We work with a great variety of materials, inter alia, all types of iron, plastic materials or stainless steel.

Personalized service:
You dispose also, a personal service of repair and/or replacement, whatever your demand. We work from broken car components to industrial devices and machinery.

  • Machining of singular pieces as well as long runs 1

    Machining of singular pieces as well as long runs


    MAS INOX makes custom-made machining parts in any industry branch. We have qualified staff in the machining fi... More

  • Repair 1



    In MAS INOX industrial maintenance we make all sorts of repairs. Come on and inquire in our machinery workshop about any problem that you have with yo... More

  • Part replacements 1

    Part replacements


    When you need refill service or part replacement, profit our industry experience.... More